Marry Sweet Network is a registered marriage and relationship counselling organization in Ghana with a focus to facilitate marriage ceremonies, educate marriage couples and ensure a thriving relationships among spouses. 

The organization's office is Located at Peki, Tsame in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Marry Sweet Network has a network of well qualified relationship and marriage coaches that provide well tailored and professional counseling to enhance the relationship of spouses. 

The firm is owned and run by Rev. Ernest Amenuvor, a dedicated pastor and marriage counselor who is passionate about enhancing the relationship between spouses and ensuring a sweet marital life in Ghana and across the globe.

Our Mission

To enhance loving and thriving marital relationships and provide a reliable and effective financial platform to help spouses to raise the needed funds to get married.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred marriage and relationship network that connects singles together, ensures a lovely and thriving relationship and facilitates the marital ceremonies of singles.

Our Core Values

Marry Sweet Network is built on the values of reliability, excellence and integrity.

Our Motto

To make getting married simple and effective.

About the Founder

Mr. Ernest Amenuvor is the presiding pastor of Mountain of God Ministries, the Operations Manager of Joepitwo Media Centre, Director of Divine Financial Services, Rapha Healing & Prophetic School. He is also the Founder and President of Marry Sweet Network.  

He has intense passion for helping  singles to get married and live a successful marriage life. With this passion, he founded Marry Sweet Network to help singles in their dating, marriage and enjoying a successful marriage life. He lives happily with his family at Peki, Volta Region of Ghana.

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